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An Al Fresco Life

Step outside and embrace the beauty of the great outdoors. Take in a breath of fresh air, catch the sweet fragrance of nature, and look up to the blue sky. Being outside is invigorating and inspiring, and if it can be a part of your everyday life, you will be all the better for it.

Green with envy
When looking for a place to call home, nearby green space is always at the top of the list. Cachet Bradford Urban Towns presents a thoughtfully designed master-planned community that provides the best of urban living surrounded by a natural setting. Enjoy bountiful parks and trails nearby. Closer to home, your residence is nestled in a beautifully landscaped community with picturesque courtyards, manicured lawns, and connecting pathways.

Look up and realize what you wish for is waiting for you here. Atop the 3-storey townhomes, your private rooftop terrace awaits.

The al fresco life
The popular phrase “al fresco” is borrowed from the Italian word meaning “in the cool air”. It has come to describe activities enjoyed outdoors in lovely weather. Today, its context has expanded to a way of life – inviting parts of your inside world outside.

Enjoy a new level of private, outdoor living that starts with the sounds of birds chirping, while you enjoy a morning coffee. Catch some late afternoon sunshine while curled up on a comfy lounge chair with a good book. From your best burgers on the grill to a candlelit dinner under the stars, you will discover the beauty and benefit to al fresco living.

Embrace inspired seasonal space
More than just somewhere to enjoy a breath of fresh air, turn your terrace into an environment that complements your life and your style. With a little creativity, you can transform this space into your own personal haven. From a lush oasis and relaxing escape to the perfect social scene, here are a few other ideas to take your al fresco living to the next level:

  • Design your dream sky deck with a lounge area complete with a sofa, extra cushions, a table and chairs. Add in a colourful outdoor carpet, candle lanterns, decorative lighting, and a few planters.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served. From that first morning sip of coffee at dawn to cocktails at dusk, create an intimate setting to enjoy your meals. While you’re at it, amp up your BBQ skills.
  • Bend, stretch and reach for the stars. Whether getting in your morning workout or finding your Zen, with a peaceful yoga practice and meditation, create a space that inspires your well-being.
    Expand your love of the outdoors by planting a lit tle terrace garden . Start in early spring with potted flowers, herbs and even vegetables that you can enjoy into fall.
  • Above you, below you and all-around – take inspiration from nature and indulge in the outdoors while working from home on your rooftop terrace.

Whether hosting a long overdue family gathering or cherishing a quiet moment watching the sun sets, having this exclusive connection to the great outdoors will inspire even more happy memories.

The Cachet Bradford Community offers all the conveniences of carefree condo living in an Urban Town. Register today for latest information and updates.