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Cachet Bradford Urban Towns – a Lifestyle in Balance

When looking for the perfect place to call home, there are a few important factors you may want to consider. First is finding a location that blends the best of urban living in a natural setting. Secondly, you may want to feel a part of a tight-knit community that is connected to your neighbourhood and yet conveniently close to the GTA and surrounding area. And lastly, at the top of many people’s wish list for creating a balanced life is space, and plenty of it. Space to move around in, space to grow, and most importantly, space to dream and call your own.

Whether you’re a young family with kids, urban professionals working from home, or simply looking for a different pace of life, you can create the space and balance you need at Cachet Bradford Urban Towns.

Convenient workspace

Working from home takes on a whole new meaning with the introduction of new 2 Storey Condo Towns with an Optional Commercial Level, coming to the Bradford community this fall. Conveniently located and beautifully designed, this setup is ideal for busy families, entrepreneurs, artisans, and those looking to redefine their live/work balance.

Carefree greenspace

A big part of creating a balanced lifestyle is finding a sense of joy and freedom in the spaces where you live.  At Cachet Bradford Urban Towns, you are surrounded by a lushly landscaped community, linked by picturesque courtyards with scenic planters and trees. More than the benefit of beautiful space, here you can enjoy it all, carefree without the worry of maintenance. Landscaping upkeep, as well as snow removal in common roadways, walkways and courtyards are all part of the perks of living in this vibrant community.

Versatile living space


Whether you’re an established couple, a young family with kids or urban professionals leading a hectic commuter lifestyle – the one thing that will help bring balance and ease to your life is having lots of flexible living space.

Here you will find modern, spacious interiors that are thoughtfully designed to complement a variety of modern lifestyles. Come home to stylish open concept living/dining/kitchen space that invites a natural cadence to living. Contemporary, yet inviting, this space is ideal for families with young kids as well as perfectly set-up for entertaining. Explore the opportunities to adapt additional bedrooms to a home office, art space, yoga studio or extra guest room.

At Cachet Bradford Urban Towns, you’ll find a lifestyle grounded in beauty, and low-maintenance condo living, including the new optional commercial level workspace. Each element and feature is thoughtfully designed and considered to bring an enhanced experience and balance to your everyday. Register today to learn more about the 2 Storey Condo Towns with an Optional Commercial Level and find your perfect balance.